Youtube Channel for companies

Youtube Channel for companies 

Give your Youtube channel a professional cinematic look 
to improve your company image and branding.

These days many companies are working with social media to show their business, use them as marketing tools or just to keep the attention of the clients. Between all these options, a Youtube Channel is one of the best tools to communicate the brand to the world, and giving it a professional cinematic look is a must to be able to compete.

When you read the words “cinematic look” the first thing that will probably pop up in your head is the visual image, the feeling of expensive cameras and strong pictures. But actually, that’s just a small part of many details that conform the whole concept of a cinematic look. The full use of audiovisual language is important to achieve that feeling, which means that also the script, sound design, art and color pallet besides many other details inside the image are really important to create that atmosphere. In order for companies or brands to reach such results, it is necessary that they communicate well which is the audience or target to the person or agency in charge or of creating the content. A lot of information will be gathered in this instance because it will be vital to building a solid strategy and image for the project. Color palette, particular sounds, a voice that expresses correctly the message or a particular feeling will be extracted from all the information and used to create a uniform campaign or digital content in the YouTube Channel. Furthermore, information about themselves is the key to connect to the audience. Who is the company, what are they doing now, which results they expect from the videos, and which kind of interactions they have with their customers. To understand the importance of collecting information and not just jumping into shooting products, it is necessary for a good relationship between the company involved and the digital agency. 

And just after all that information is transformed into a solid script and look, then camera and lenses will be chosen, not because they are expensive or not, but because they adjust to the message that will be delivered. 

After the shooting it’s done, that script will be transformed into an audiovisual piece. In this mutation, also the information collected at first will be used, to verify that the path is still solid and clear. In the final instances of post-production, of course, some details will be blended, in order to preserve the soul of the message, the creation of the bond between client and company. And even more, the order in which different videos will be uploaded in the YouTube channel, the thumbnails are chosen for those and the keywords selected will also play an important role to reach the results that were planned. 

At Anfibia Studio, we always work building that kind of solid message and uniform strategy. All information about the company, product and target is welcome and analyzed to extract that particular details that will let us work in content well designed to reach the targets and spread the message strongly. 

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